Consultancy Role   

AFTER PILOTING a unique three-year project Right 2 Reply, Sarah was invited to consult the Shakespeare's Globe Education Department to strategically develop the content of the creative learning and community outreach programmes.

Sarah’s work with students, teachers and arts practitioners sets the gold standard for creative practice and active approaches.
— Patrick Spottiswoode, Director of Education, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

What I did: Consultancy,  Practitioner, Training & Mentoring Artists, Content Development, Keynote Speaker, Course Director, Professional Development for Teachers, Programme Development and Evaluation



CONSULTED Community Team on their annual Southwark outreach programmes including Our Theatre, Concert for Winter, Early Years Storytelling projects and the long-term development of the Shakespeare's Globe Youth Theatre.

DEVISED and led training for Globe Education Practitioners including Playing Shakespeare CPD and developed new interactive concepts and projects across the Teaching and Learning, Projects and Community Departments. 

COURSE DIRECTOR for annual three-week Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance residency for USA teachers and Go Global for New Zealand teachers.

As a mentor and consultant, Sarah is second to none. Her creativity, positivity and depth of experience are of the highest calibre. What makes Sarah stand out is that she works closely and in detail with you, the individual. Her feedback helps you develop your own unique talents as well as introducing you to higher levels of thinking and working.
— Suzanne Ahmet, Globe Educational Practitioner & Actor

MA in Creative Arts

MA COURSE DIRECTOR and lecturer on the MA Performing Arts in the Classroom and led the week-long Practical Placement at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre to explore how interaction with arts organisations, artists and performing art forms can enrich teaching and learning.

ADVISED on second arts organisation placement and responsible for marking dissertations. 

SECURED  internationally acclaimed speakers to contribute to programme: 

  • Paul Collard, Chief Executive, Creativity, Culture and Education
  • Paul Reeve, Chief Executive, Film Nation
  • Bill Buckhurst, Playing Shakespeare Director
  • Alison Mawle, Head of Schools, National Gallery
  • Anne Cutler, Head of Learning, Tate Modern
  • Dr. Cecily O'Neill, Process Drama Pioneer
  • Neil Constable, Chief Executive at Shakespeare's Globe
  • Chris Thomson, Head of Learning, The Place
  • Patrick Spottiswoode, Director Globe Education
  • Simon Dormancy, Head of Theatre, Eton College
  • Catherine Greenwood, Head of Learning, Unicorn Theatre. 
    Sarah was the inspiration behind the joint Globe/ King’s College Creative Arts and the Classroom MA which was established as a result of her request.
    — Patrick Spottiswoode, Director of Education, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
    Colin Hurley, Globe Education Practitioner delivering Globe Practice

    Colin Hurley, Globe Education Practitioner delivering Globe Practice

    Sarah’s pedagogical skill-set first hand and it is deep, wide and continually adaptable to the needs of the participants. The very design of the course is elegant - the content repeatedly circling back upon itself as ever-sophisticated layers of understanding are built.
    — Linda Cowgill Emerick, Cab Calloway Schools of Arts, USA

    Developing Content and Conferences

    MA COURSE DIRECTOR for Performing Arts in the Classroom and the Practical Placement at the Globe modules. 

    CO-WROTE LEARNING MATERIALS including QCDA KS3 Shakespeare programme 'From the Rehearsal Room' and the Hodder Publications Dynamic Learning range.

    ADVOCATED Globe Education at international and national conferences, strategic meetings at QCDA.

    MEMBER of the Globe Advisory Board and the MA Course Director with King's College University, London.