The Brief

DELIVER a creative learning programme that tackles barriers to learning, boosts self-confidence, develops critical thinking and raises achievement for Southwark Leadership, Learning & Innovation Department. 

PROVIDE opportunities for students, teachers and  the wide community to work together.

What We Did:  Programme Management, Exhibition Event Management, Teacher Development, Learning Resource, Conference Presentation

Creative Partners

Trevor Blackwood, Creative Director & Exhibition Curator,  Southwark Leadership, Learning & Innovation Department, Menier Gallery, London Bridge, Crying in the Wilderness Productions, Workshop Director, & two actors, Static Motion, Olu Oke and Osho Collection & Gallery (H.A.D)

A project like this is a great facilitation for engaging children in thinking about concepts of justice and fairness.
— Andrew Spooner, Exhibition Visitor
6 Southwark Schools
40 Drama Writing & Arts workshops
330 Participants
5 day Focused Programme for Special Needs
600 + people attended public exhibition

The Approach

CREATIVE ELEMENTS commissioned Nomad Creative Consultancy to develop the concept, cultural elements of the programme and curate the exhibition.

DEVISED and delivered a comprehensive training programme and cross-curricular learning resource for participating teachers.

MANAGED artists and schools. Each school hosted a programme of workshops and worked with partner school to foster cohesion.

PRODCUED opportunities for young people to work with specialist drama facilitators and illustrators to enable them to animate their imaginative stories for the public exhibition. 

PROJECT MANAGED the interactive, multimedia public exhibition at Menier Gallery that showcased the Nomad Creative Consultancy concept and creative learning process of the programme.

The Impact

INVITED to present the programme at three conferences including The National Strategies Conference as an example of best practice in creative learning. 

ENHANCED speaking, listening and group interaction skills of students.

STUDENTS able to articulate, present, generate and develop creative ideas independently & collectively

CONFIDENCE to transfer the initial idea into the written word focusing on plot, subtext, character development

DEVISED stories with a moral context and positive outlook that can inspire others

DEVELOPED capacity to problem-solve, ask questions, take risks and find alternatives


Each session was well-structured and had creative elements throughout which promoted team work, respect for the ideas and understanding of others was a strong theme as was encouraging Young People to bond, work together and realise their potential.
— Headteacher, St Joseph's School