Research Brief

RESEARCH the provision of Arts Education in Dubai and Sharjah on behalf of Art Jameel International.

CONSULT the organisation on the development of high-quality, strategic arts education programming to meet the need, and market demand, ahead of the opening of the Art Jameel Centre in Dubai. 

What we did: Consultation, Research & Analysis, Reporting, Programme and Concept Development 

Nomad Creative Consultancy: Strategic Consultation and Publication Design


Art Jameel International, based in Dubai, is a leading institution of contemporary art, supporting and promoting emerging arts, artists and creative entrepreneurs from the MENA region and across the World.
— Art Jameel International

Research Process

CONDUCTED primary research employing qualitative and quantitative methods to map the current arts education and cultural landscape provision in Dubai and Sharjah.

IDENTIFIED the skills gaps and shortages affecting the delivery of sustainable arts education programmes and partnerships in the sector. 

FORECAST the demand for arts education products, partnership programmes, teacher development resources and the role and impact of artists in residence in private and public schools in Dubai.



  • Art Dubai
  • Al Jalila Cultural Centre
  • Ministry of Education, UAE
  • Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation
  • Alserkal Avenue
  • the JamJar
  • Maraya Art Centre
  • Sharjah Art Foundation
  • Tashkeel 
  • Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding
  • The Farjam Foundation
  • The British Council
  • Scientific and Cultural Association
  • Knowledge Human Development Agency 
  • Dubai Moving Image Museum


PRESENTED research findings and recommendations to Senior Managers at Art Jameel and a delegation from Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

PROVIDED specialist advice and evidence-based recommendations to inform Art Jameel's long term Arts Education objectives, future programming and audience engagement strategies. 

DEVELOPED a bespoke, sustainable Arts Education programme 'Darkroom to Digital: Dimensions of Light'©. The programme encapsulated the main findings of the report and demonstrated how to deliver a creative learning programme that engaged arts organisations, artists and schools in Dubai.

COMMISSIONED to design and develop the Arts Education research into a report for the public domain. 

‘Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.
— UNESCO, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 27

Photography by Sarah Nunn