Welcome to Creative Elements!

Hello and welcome to Creative Elements. My name is Sarah Nunn and I am Creative Producer and Learning Consultant.  I specialise in developing and producing sustainable projects, creative resources, training and programmes for arts organisations and government entities, using the arts to connect and engage, cultivate and develop and improve productivity and participation. I look forward to collaborating with you! 




Since 2007, I have had the opportunity to consult and advise international museums, cultural arts organisations, government entities, individuals, educational institutions and the public sector, on short-term and ongoing basis providing the following services and products:


Creative Development

At the centre of my practice is devising and delivering experiential training and coaching programmes for the public sector and educational organisations. The interactive programmes are devised to improve productivity, develop communication skills, inspire creativity and cultivate a happier workplace.


Creative Projects

With each project, I identify a number of creative directors and practitioners to work with that reflect our client's cultural context. Together, we design and produce socially conscious projects that are sustainable, deliver your CSR objectives, raise your company's profile and improve visitor engagement.



Working with arts and cultural organisations, I have analysed their current provision, recommended new trends and identified creative learning opportunities to increase audience engagement and visitor participation. 



What People Say

Sarah is a remarkable consultant and arts practitioner with a clear vision for the role of creativity within learning. She was the inspiration behind the joint King’s/Globe Creative Arts and the Classroom MA.
— Patrick Spottiswoode, Director, Globe Education, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
The Creative Partnership Initiative with our esteemed cultural organisations inspired our new teachers to invigorate their teaching practice and develop captivating learning experiences beyond the classroom.’
— Dr. Badriya Al Nadabi, Assistant Director, SCPTT, Sultanate of Oman